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    WordPress tutorials

    We are now offering screencast video tutorials for your particular website.


    Even though there are a million WordPress tutorials on the web, every site is setup differently and finding the exact thing you need can be a minefield.

    So we are offering specific video tutorials for your particular website. This can be very useful if you have a custom content type and custom layout to be adhered to. Some examples of how this could be helpful to you are:


    • You need to add products to your Woocommerce store with custom options, such as coupons, or user discounts.
    • You have a particular content type setup such as ‘Stockists’ or ‘Services’ and you need to regularly be able to add more yourself.
    • You need to follow a particular page layout and you want detailed instructions on how to acheive it.
    • You need a resource you can refer back to and refer staff to on how to perform particular tasks on your site.

    Screen Capture video

    We record video with high quality audio with detailed instructions on a particular task for you to follow. This will be uploaded to a password protected page on this site for you to access whenever you need it.