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    Website Services

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    Web development

    We build simple, attractive and effective websites quickly and for low cost.

    Hosting and domain name setup – everything you need to get yourself on the web. Other web development companies will charge you thousands of dollars for a website. We start with a template and customise from there which helps keep the cost low and still let’s your site have its own unique look and feel.


    Manage your own content using our WordPress sites – having a website doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.


    Open source content management systems mean you are not tied to one web company. Software is regularly updated to maintain security. Includes advice on how to best present yourself or you company online.

    Content copy writing

    Know what you want to say but not how to say it?


    Our many years experience can help you present your content in a way that effectively communicates your message in the online environment. You supply the details and we’ll write it in a way that captures people’s attention and focuses keywords and phrase to maximise SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), to help you get found.

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    Website hosting

    We can host your website for. Hosting plans start at $150 per year and can be customised to your needs. We can transfer your existing site to our reliable and up to date servers.


    Unfortunately with today’s climate of hackers and malware, WordPress websites need to be kept up to date. This involves regular software updates.


    We do maintenance packages which include regular backups and software updates.

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    Wordpress is a user focused open source web software. Being open source means you are not tied into one developer or hosting platform.


    It has a very user-friendly interface for making your own edits to your site. However there are some aspects of a website that can involve a little more knowledge; such as changing menus, editing contact forms, special page formatting and adding meta data etc.


    CP Design can provide clear and specific screencast videos to help you navigate these things so tat you can make the changes to your site when you want to.


    We are of course always here as a backup if something more technical needs doing.

    Need anything else?  Let’s talk, we like a challenge.