Ecommerce Websites

Bowel Screening

bowel screening website

This website provides an important public service helping people asses their bowel cancer risk by providing a simple survey form. The form takes the visitor through a series of option with each option revealing further questions relevant to the previous

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ecommerce website

This website’s previous host had ceased to function properly so they needed it rebuilt and moved quickly. We managed to salvage most of the site’s content and incorporate it into a new WordPress theme, refreshing the look in the process.

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Bakewell Burners

bakewell-burners website

Bakewell burners are a small NZ company making stainless steel outdoor burners. They needed a site that could sell their product online as well as demonstrate all the features of the products. The site is built with practicality in mind

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Benourished sells organic health products in the form of fermented foods. The website has some reasonably advanced functionality. On the surface it is a brochure site containing images and info on the products as well as recipes and a Find-a-Stockist

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fuelcube website

This is a slightly unusual ecommerce site in that it only sells one product so the layout is different to a standard product catalogue site. It is set up to showcase a new and innovative tech product, explaining its function

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Paradise Cakes

paradise cakes website

Paradise Cakes is a niche Christmas product shop. We upgraded to a Woocommerce site from their old site which was just HTML brochureware prompting visitors to make contact for manual orders. The ability to order online, likely in combination with

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Yummy Mummy Fitness

yummymummy fitness website

Yummy Mummy Fitness is a rapidly expanding women’s fitness business. The website has a very nice portfolio function which is used to display their ‘before and after’ photos to show the results their program gets. While not the primary focus

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Essences of Dlight

essences-of-dlight website

Essences of Dlight is an ecommerce site selling various types of healing fragrances and remedies. The Woocommerce shop provides an easy platform for the site owner to add new products and edit existing ones. It can also take care of

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Cows Go Moo

cows-go-moo website

A Christchurch based shop selling children’s wear. While they do have a physical shop, Cows Go Moo wanted to expand their reach by selling online. The Woocommerce software allows a large number of products to be displayed in an attractive

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wendyls website

A larger website with 3 main areas of focus: Shop, Recipes and Blog. The online shop is the primary feature of the site, so it is geared to drive visitors to the various product categories. The arrangement of products and

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About Us:

We are a small website company based in West Auckland but able to work with clients anywhere in the world due to the wonders of modern internet technology.

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