Visual Composer

visual composer

Most of our websites these days are using a software addon called Visual Composer, which adds a lot of functionality to the WordPress editor. The most immediate advantage of Visual Composer is that is presents an easy way to lay

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Editing your WordPress site


The whole idea of getting a WordPress website is that you can update it yourself right? There’s a whole bunch of aspects of the site you can change yourself, but for now I just want to cover the basics. Editing

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Maintaining your WordPress site.


WordPress, being a dynamic CMS (Content Management System), which has login capabilities can be vulnerable to being hacked. There are a number of methods and motivations for hackers, sometimes it could be just for fun or to plant some redirecting

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Our New Site


We’re very pleased to have our new site online. The last year or so has seen CP Design so busy building other websites that we never got around to updating our own. But now here it is. The site you’re

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When to Use a Template Website


Advantages of template based websites. Template based websites are becoming very popular and there is a good reason for it. Installing a pre-made template gives you a huge head start in getting a great looking and functioning website. Most of

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The Advantages of WordPress


WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). With around 74,652,825 sites using WordPress (at time of writing), it accounts for a wopping 18.9% of all websites on the net.  There is a good reason for this extreme popularity, WordPress

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Website content

td-projects website

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About Us:

We are a small website company based in West Auckland but able to work with clients anywhere in the world due to the wonders of modern internet technology.

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