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    What You Need

    Getting started on the web can be daunting.

    There is a lot to think about.


    We can guide you through what you need to supply for us to get you going with a website.


    A lot of what you need – you probably already have, such as a logo. (If you don’t have a logo we have design partners who can create an outstanding branding logo for you).


    Depending on what your business is, i.e. how visually driven it is, you’ll probably need some good pictures of what you do. Quality pictures will ensure you’re presenting your best face to the world. (We can arrange for top photographers and graphic designers if you need them).


    Then you need content. Certain parts of the content such as headings, catch phrases and contact information will need to be put in place before going live. But the beauty of a WordPress website is that it is easy to update content yourself. Just log in to the site and edit the page you want using an editor similar to Microsoft Word. You can add or change information, develop marketing blurbs, add or change pictures and even add pages to your site with a few mouse clicks.


    You can even publish articles in a custom made blog on your site (this is a great way to help your site get found by search engines such Google). A blog also allows you to interact with the public via the comments section (should you choose to enable it).


    We’re always happy to chat about how best to proceed or to provide a free quote.