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    New P and F site live

    New P and F site live

    We have recently finished an exciting new website build for P and F Global.

    This was quite an involved build with several custom elements.

    The first of which was a design refresh. The client wanted to make the site more customer focused so we created the main banner with specific ‘call to action’ buttons for their 5 main customer type. This is designed to streamline the customer’s interactions with the site by being able to instantly see where they should head to find the content relevant to them.

    User experience is paramount.


    Second was a custom built culvert pipe size calculator.  By using a form builder software we were able to put together this reasonably complex calculator using advanced conditional fields.

    Check it out here – https://pandfglobal.com/euroflo-culvert-pipe-calculator/


    Then there was the live chat function which is integrated into the site. Once a visitor has been on the site for 10 seconds a chat window pops up allowing the visitor to instantly connect with an expert. This is a marvelous tool for increasing engagement and driving sales, as well as making the customer experience more satisfying.