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    Editing your WordPress site

    Editing your WordPress site

    The whole idea of getting a WordPress website is that you can update it yourself right?

    There’s a whole bunch of aspects of the site you can change yourself, but for now I just want to cover the basics. Editing and publishing pages and blog posts.

    For more info on editing your WordPress site, get in touch and we can discuss tutorial options.


    1. Logging in to your site

    To access the site’s login page you add /wp-admin to your site’s address in the menu bar.

    For example this site would be https://cp-design.co.nz/wp-admin

    This will take you to your login screen where you enter your username and password which will have been supplied to you. You may have to solve a Captcha puzzle as an extra security measure.

    wordpress login screen


    2. Editing a page

    Click ‘Pages’ in your side menu to bring up a list of all the pages on your site.

    Hover over the page you want to edit and click ‘Edit’.


    This will bring up the WordPress editor. You can edit your content using all the formatting tools at the top, similarly to how you would in Microsoft Word.

    Tip – If you only see one row of icons at the top of the editor, click the Toolbar Toggle icon to reveal the others.


    Some commonly used editor formatting tools are:

    • Align – left, right and center
    • List – with or without numbers
    • Bold, Italic, Underline
    • Line Break
    • Text tag – e.g Paragraph, Heading 1, Heading 2 etc
    • Plus more

    Adding a link

    To link some text – highlight the the text then click the chain-link icon at the top of the editor. You can then enter a URL to link to or select from existing content (pages, posts etc). IF you are linking to an external URL it is recommended to tick the Open in a New Tab checkbox.

    Adding an image to your page

    Place the cursor where you want the image to go and click the Add Media button above the editor. Here you can select from images already uploaded to your site or click the Upload Files tab to upload an image from your computer.

    Images can be aligned left, right or center and linked if desired.

    Images should be resized for web before uploading to your site.

    3 Publishing a blog post

    Click ‘Posts’ in your side menu to reveal a list of posts.


    You can edit an existing post, or click Add New to start a new one.

    Give your post a title and add your text and images in the editor.

    Blog posts should have a ‘Featured Image’ which will display as the thumbnail in the list on the blog page (along with a post snippet). Add the Featured Image via the Featured Image section near the bottom of the right hand column.